Athena’s brand new album, Ready for the Sun, is out now!

Singer Songwriter Athena Andreadis



“… A rare diamond..”

Daily Mail

“Athena’s voice is both heartwarming and majestic”

Huffington Post

“…anyone looking for an inspiring music listening experience.”


“…this creative partnership between Athena and Ethan Allen is working like a charm.”


“…lyrics that are both radio-friendly and quite deep, a combination that seems to come by rarely in an era of quick turnaround and dreams of fame and fortune.”

“Young, vivacious, charismatic… the balance of her own sensual songs with a mix of tradition and classical influence gives her a rare individuality.”

The Word

“…young Joni Mitchell-like…”

Hot Indie News

“Sparklingly spans the boundaries of music, enhanced by a voice of great emotional resonance.”

**** Uncut

“Brave and original. A remarkably fine singer songwriter.”

The Guardian

“Athena, Maroon 5, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have reduced plastic pollution on tour through their practices on the road, and talk to concertgoers.“   

Rolling Stone, USA

“…a radio hit waiting to happen”

“…the raw emotion and power of Athena.”


“She’s got earthshaking looks and a talent to match. Listen closely and a startling originality emerges”

**** Daily Mirror

“Just listen to the voice – a fluty, soaring, intimate thing, pure as a Cycladian sky, but with an edge which gives it real emotional eloquence.”

BBC Music

“…A talented rising pop star…”

Billboard Magazine

Ready For The Sun shines with authentic light.” “She is a serious songwriter. ‘Stronger’ resounds like a soul standard.”

Paul Zolo, American Songwriter

Take Natalie Merchant’s confident vibe and some Joni Mitchell harmonies, add a touch of Sarah McClachlan’s emotive singing style and a hint of Colbie Caillat’s pop sensibility, and you would have an idea of Athena’s overall sound…

One of the best things about Athena and this release is her ability to find the substance in the lyrics while simultaneously creating catchy, contemporary pop sounds that draw you in.

Indie Minded, USA

“…Athena can weave a tale as rich as anything crafted by Leonard Cohen…”


“…She’s just pop enough for Hot AC and indie enough to charm those NPR listeners.”

Hot Indie News

“Radiating class and oodles of talent… a voice blessed… this rare diamond ought to shine.”

Daily Mail

This powerful emotive debut deserves to mark her out as one of the year’s major new stars.”

**** Mojo

“…timeless feel to it… tremendous amounts of personality with a backing instrumentation that is at the top of their game.”


“…cascading, beautiful voice… the talent of Adele…”

Hot Indie News

“… A voice blessed…”

“the unique and commanding power of Athena’s voice.”

Skope Magazine


  • Athena - Peeling Apples

    Athena – Peeling Apples

  • Athena - Breathe With Me

    Athena – Breathe With Me

  • Athena - Earth Angels

    Athena – Earth Angels