“the unique and commanding power of Athena’s voice.”

    Skope Magazine

    “…this creative partnership between Athena and Ethan Allen is working like a charm.”


    “…anyone looking for an inspiring music listening experience.”


    “Athena’s voice is both heartwarming and majestic”

    Huffington Post

    “…cascading, beautiful voice… the talent of Adele…”

    Hot Indie News

    Ready For The Sun shines with authentic light.” “She is a serious songwriter. ‘Stronger’ resounds like a soul standard.”

    Paul Zolo, American Songwriter

    “…Athena can weave a tale as rich as anything crafted by Leonard Cohen…”


    Athena - Ready for the Sun

    Athena recorded her U.S. album, Ready for the Sun at The Village Studios with producer Ethan Allen (Ben Harper, Sheryl Crowe), and Grammy award winners, Jim Watts (engineer) and David Collins (mastering). Musicians on the record include Deron Johnson (Miles Davis), Jimmy Paxson (Stevie Nicks), Michael Ward (Ben Harper) and Jonathan Flaugher (Ryan Adams), as well as album art direction and design by 3-time Grammy award winner Kevin Reagan (Madonna), while cowriters include Geoff Martyn (Chris Difford) and Eric Appapoulay (Plan B).


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